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6 product(s)
What Are Wall Hung Toilet Mounting Frames?

Used in conjunction with wall hung toilets, toilet mounting frames provide the supporting infrastructure to securely fasten a WC to the wall. Their clever design features a concealed cistern incorporated into the metal frame to ensure a minimalist look is achieved: a look which is a necessity for bathrooms using a wall hung toilet.

Ideal for Small Bathrooms:
If you’re still toying with the idea of installing a wall hung toilet, then you should consider the benefits. With the help of a toilet mounting frame, the WC will be lifted off the floor which will create the illusion of space. They are, therefore, ideal for ensuite or cloakroom bathrooms.

This will, of course, make cleaning an easier task as you can simply sweep below the pan, ensuring you won’t have to navigate around any tight crevices.

Coming With a Concealed Cistern:
Concealed inside a vanity unit or a partition wall, the mounting frame’s cistern in connected to the pan by a short flush pipe and the flush is then operated with a push plate. This push plate is available in a number of styles, sizes and finishes and depending on the frame chosen, can be fitted to the front or top of the cistern.

Access to this cistern is easy and is achieved through the flush plate: once your wall hung toilet and frame are installed, you simply remove the flush plate to gain direct access. This excellent feature removes the need for any unsightly access plates.

Consider a Frame With a Dual Flush Cistern:
We offer a range of wall hung frames with dual flush cisterns which are more water efficient and, therefore, better for the environment.

Dual flush cisterns provide the user with two types of flushes: a 3 litre one for liquid waste and a 6 litre one for solid waste. The 3 litre flush will empty the toilet cistern halfway, whilst the 6 litre one will perform a complete flush. By providing you with the flexibility of only doing a big flush when is truly required, you’ll save both money and water.

Installing your Toilet Mounting Frame:
Toilet mounting frames are traditionally wall mounted, located within a vanity WC unit or a inside a partition wall to provide a clean finish which is free from clutter and unsightly pipework. Mounting frames have two legs and are fixed firmly to both the wall and floor, with the frame mounted to the wall and legs mounted to the floor to provide an added level of stability.

The legs, which are firmly fixed, are height adjustable to give you the flexibility of choosing the height at which you want your toilet situated. This will, therefore, make marrying up your new toilet with your existing pipework an easier task.

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