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12 product(s)
Why Should You Buy A Wall Hung Toilet?

Commonly found in Europe, wall hung toilets seamlessly hang from the wall and create the illusion that they are floating. This minimalist design and unique look makes them an essential purchase for those wanting to create a modern interior design scheme.

But what do you need to know?

1) You WILL Need A Toilet Mounting Frame:
Whenever you buy a wall hung WC, a toilet mounting frame is essential because you need to be able to mount it to the wall.

It provides a support frame for the toilet and incorporates a concealed cistern within its frame. Concealed inside a vanity unit or a partition wall, the mounting frame’s cistern is connected to the pan by a short flush pipe and is operated with a flush plate.

Traditionally wall mounted toilets will have a standard fixing centre of 180mm or 230mm; but where a manufacturer requires the pan to be fitted with their own frame, due to a difference in this measurement, we will ensure this is noted in the product's specification.

2) What Does a Horizontal Waste Outlet Mean?
When purchasing any new toilet you will see information about the position of the waste outlet. For the DIY novice out there, this is simply referring to the position at which your toilet connects to the outside drain. As wall hung toilets are connected to the wall, the waste outlet will always be horizontal.

3) What Are The Advantages?
Wall hung toilets make cleaning the floor an easy task: no more will you have to mop around tiny crevices as you can simply sweep below the toilet. They also have a shorter projection than conventional ones, so are perfect for small bathrooms and ensuites.

As the cistern remains concealed in a wall, they also work to keep your bathroom clean and tidy as all you will see is the bowl and flush. Unsightly pipework and the largest part of the toilet will, therefore, remain hidden.

4) What to Look Out For:
To make sure you have the very best wall hung toilet, look out for one which comes with a UF soft close seat. This will eliminate the issue with traditional seats crashing to the pan with a mere tap and waking everyone up in the middle of the night. With a soft seat, it will slowly close with a gentle tap.

UF, otherwise known as duroplast, is a hardwearing material which gives it the distinct advantage over conventional polypropylene seats which are easy to scratch. This subtly closing mechanism will also reduce the formation of cracks.

With wall hung toilets being a modern, space-saving design, it’s easy to see why people are turning away from the conventional close coupled toilet.

All of Splashdirect’s wall hung WCs have WRAS approved water fittings and many have lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee for peace of mind.

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