Undermount vs recessed basins

undermounted vs recessedA common confusion made by all is the difference between under mounted and recessed basin; however it need not be difficult. Simply, an under mounted basin is fitted to the underside of your counter creating a seamless worktop, whereas a recessed basin is designed to be cut into the counter leaving the rim of the basin exposed.

The basics

Designed primarily to fit within a unit, both undermounted (or under slung as it is also known) and recessed basins offer practicality and aesthetically pleasing design. With the improved range of bathroom furniture available nowadays, these types of basin are becoming increasingly popular, allowing not only great storage space within the unit it will rest on, but the ability to hide unsightly pipes and bottle traps often found with a wall hung basin.

Types of recessed basins

There are two types of recessed basin available, both as practical as each other, offering a style to complement any unit or worktop. Firstly, the recessed basin, sometimes known as an inset basin, fits, depending on the style of basin, into a round, square, rectangle or oval cut out in your worktop. The semi recessed basin offers the same concept as the recessed basin, but the back of the basin is partially cut into the front of the counter, which results in the front of the basin overhanging the unit.


Both types are as simple to fit as each other, although what must be remembered is that an under mounted basin will required a solid type of worktop such as marble, granite or stone, as the cut edge will be exposed. All basins are supplied with a cutting template to allow ease of installation and, where necessary, fixing bolts to offer that added security.