Wall hung vs pedestal

pedestal vs wall hungPossibly known as the most traditional form of basin, the pedestal basin has been around for some time and offers not only a practical solution to hiding unsightly pipes and wastes, but a design that is loved by many. Nevertheless, due to more practical ways of concealing pipes and wastes, the wall hung basin with its minimalist look is becoming increasingly popular. Don’t be afraid to browse through all our basin categories to give you an idea of what style of basin will best suit your needs and design aspirations.

The pedestal basin

The pedestal basin comes in many different forms, whether it is a traditional style you are after or a contemporary design to match your modern toilet. Pedestal basins provide a great focal point in your bathroom, and where concealing pipes is proving to be difficult, the pedestal will eliminate this by hiding them within its void. Available in a choice of 1 or 2 tap holes, the basin sits neatly on its pedestal. The only difficulty is deciding whether it’s a full pedestal or semi pedestal that takes your fancy.

What type of pedestal?

With an ever growing penchant for contemporary design, the pedestal basin has transformed from being available in not only a full pedestal but also a semi pedestal design. Traditionally, and still to this day, the pedestal was full length from floor to basin. However, pedestals are now also available in a semi version which offers a floating illusion and maintains the ability to hide unsightly pipes and wastes.

The wall hung basin

Wall hung basins are the new era and offer contemporary design in the smallest of spaces. Wall hung basins are perfect for the compact bathroom or cloakroom toilet but are also available in large sizes to suit those fortunate enough to have the space. Not only do they suspend beautifully from your wall, but with the addition of an aesthetically pleasing chrome bottle trap from our extensive range, you can create a charming modern looking bathroom.

The great part of having a wall hang basin is that it gives you more floor space for those creature comforts such as a waste bin. It gives the perception that the floor area is larger than it is, sometimes infringed on when using a pedestal. Available in 1 or 2 tap holes a wall hung basin compliments any pair of basin taps or mixer taps alike.


Fitting need not be difficult, whether it’s a pedestal or wall hung basin you purchase. Here at Splash Direct we aid installation by offering, when not included as standard, the required fixings for your basin. More information can be found in our guides on ‘fitting a basin’ to make installing as simple as abc.